CATI (Telephone) Data Collection


CATI (Telephone) Data Collection

At HOK Research GmbH, we specialize in providing cutting-edge CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) data collection services. Our expertise extends to the Biotech, Pharma, Life Sciences, and Healthcare sectors, making us your go-to partner for gathering valuable insights.

What is CATI?

CATI, or Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing, is a survey and data collection method that utilizes computer software to assist interviewers in conducting structured telephone interviews. It streamlines the interview process, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and real-time data capture.

Our Specialized Telephone Services:

  • In-depth Telephone Interviews with Industry Experts and KOLs
  • CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
  • CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing)
  • Telephone Pharma and Life Science Panel Recruitment
  • Telephone Recruitment to Web, Depth Interviews, Focus Groups, Workshops, and In-Person Sessions
  • Questionnaire Advisory Service
  • Scripting, Hosting, Translations, and Coding
  • Data Analysis, Tabulation, and SPSS Data Processing
  • Exceptional Project Management

Advantages of our CATI Approach:

Seamless Client Collaboration: We offer the flexibility of seamlessly logging into CATI surveys hosted by our clients or, if preferred, we can script and host the survey inhouse. Whether contacts are on the client site or managed by HOK, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific survey requirements.

Random and Focused Sampling: We initiate our CATI surveys with carefully selected samples, drawing from diverse sources such as inhouse desk research services, our panels, customer databases, client lists, directories, or custom lists.

Computer Assistance: With CATI, we harness the power of computer technology to streamline telephone surveys. Our dedicated software manages the entire interview process, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Structured Surveys: Our CATI surveys are meticulously structured, featuring predefined questions and response options. Our experienced interviewers use the software to guide conversations with respondents.

Efficiency and Accuracy: Our CATI approach enhances data collection efficiency and minimizes errors. The software controls question flow, skip patterns, and validation, ensuring the quality of data.

Monitoring and Supervision: Our CATI systems come equipped with monitoring and supervision features. This allows us to ensure interview quality and compliance with survey protocols.

Quota Control: Our CATI platform and PMs excel in managing and maintaining complex quotas. We carefully monitor and control the distribution of interviews, ensuring that your survey objectives are met while maintaining the highest data quality standards.

Quality Control:

We are following ISO20252 and ISO27001 standards and we are audited yearly by independent auditors. We recognize the pivotal role that interviewers play in upholding the quality of our work. To ensure the highest standards, our interviewers in Berlin and London undergo continuous training and monitoring as an integral part of our rigorous quality control process.

Data Quality Advantages: It's worth noting that data collected via telephone interviews often surpasses the quality of self-completed online surveys. The interactive nature of CATI allows for real-time clarification and probing, resulting in more accurate and robust data.

We excel in managing projects of all scales, from fast-turnaround tasks to extensive global data collection studies. Our interview precision is finely tuned to the unique needs of our clients and partners. Whether it's niche data collection or large-scale tracker studies, we deliver results.

HOK Research: Your Specialized Partner in Healthcare, Pharma, and Biotech Data Collection

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