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Unleashing the Potential of Online Surveys at HOK Research GmbH

At HOK Research GmbH, we place a strong emphasis on the use of online surveys as a contemporary and adaptable data collection method, often in response to specific client preferences. With online surveys, we seamlessly administer questionnaires and collect responses through the internet. This approach offers the utmost convenience, benefiting both our clients and participants who can easily access and complete surveys using a range of internet-connected devices.

Mastery in Online Surveys

Our expertise in online surveys is a hallmark of our dedication to excellence, evident in every phase of your project, from survey design to hosting. Our Data Processing (DP) team, headquartered in our Kudos Research offices in London, UK, is an integral part of our approach. For each project, we appoint a dedicated DP expert who collaborates closely with our clients, working together to extract invaluable insights from survey data while ensuring its impeccable quality.

Standing Out in the Digital Landscape

In the ever-competitive digital landscape, we recognize the challenge of capturing respondents' attention. To overcome this, we craft engaging surveys that not only enhance response rates but also elevate the overall quality of your data. Our comprehensive online survey services cover all aspects, from questionnaire design to seamless hosting, employing cutting-edge tools and ensuring compatibility across various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Seamless Integration: Online and CATI

What truly sets us apart is our ability to seamlessly integrate online and CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) interviews. This approach isn't just efficient; it's cost-effective too. We manage all aspects in-house, maintaining rigorous quality control throughout the research process.

Quality Assurance Champion: Ann-Marie Greensmith

Leading our Quality Assurance Team is Ann-Marie Greensmith, stationed at our Kudos Research London office. Ann-Marie ensures that our data adheres to the highest quality standards. Our commitment is underscored by our compliance with ISO20252 and ISO21007 standards, as well as the codes of conduct established by MRS and ESOMAR.

The Art of Online Surveys

At HOK Research, we consider online surveys to be an art form. Partner with us to elevate your surveys into engaging experiences that uphold the most stringent quality standards in the industry. Your data's potential is our unwavering passion.

Sample Only Services

HOK Research GmbH also provides sample-only services, where we connect participants with online surveys hosted by our clients and their Data Processing (DP) partners. Our commitment to precision and efficiency extends to this aspect of our work, ensuring that the right participants are seamlessly directed to the surveys. We manage this process meticulously, maintaining the high-quality standards that define our research approach. With HOK Research, you can rely on our expertise to streamline your data collection efforts, whether through surveys hosted by us for you or by expertly directing participants to your online surveys, enhancing the effectiveness of your research initiatives.

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