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Unlocking Insights Through Qualitative Excellence

Qualitative data collection is a research method used to gather non-numeric information that focuses on understanding people's experiences, behaviours, opinions, and perceptions. It involves in-depth exploration through techniques like interviews, focus groups, observations, or open-ended surveys to uncover rich and context-dependent insights. Qualitative data collection aims to provide a deeper understanding of the "why" and "how" behind human actions, allowing researchers to explore complex and nuanced aspects of a topic, often leading to more descriptive and narrative findings.

Welcome to HOK Research, where we redefine qualitative research with our unparalleled recruitment and moderation capabilities. Our expertise knows no bounds, spanning across languages and markets, all orchestrated from our offices in vibrant Berlin and bustling London.

HOK Methodologies:

  • Telephone Depth Interviewing
  • Semi structured CATI Interviews
  • Recruitment to depth 
  • Depth Moderation
  • Recruitment to Groups
  • Concept and UX Testing
  • Screen Sharing with Participants
  • Webcam eye-tracking in surveys with RealEye
  • Translations, Notes and Quotes, Response Analysis

A Multilingual Approach:

Our commitment to qualitative research transcends language barriers. With proficiency in most languages, we have the unique ability to conduct research that resonates with diverse audiences worldwide. Whether your project demands insights in English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, or any other language, we've got you covered.

Global Insights, Local Excellence:

We believe in the power of understanding local nuances. Our work adheres to rigorous local quality standards, ensuring that every project aligns with regional expectations while maintaining the highest global standards. We follow ISO27001 and ISO20252 guidelines, guaranteeing the security and accuracy of your research data.

Recruitment Process:

Crafting meaningful qualitative research begins with the right participants. Our recruitment process is a finely tuned instrument, identifying individuals who provide valuable perspectives and insights. Whether you require B2B professionals, healthcare and biotech experts, or patients, we excel at connecting you with the right participants.

Dynamic Moderation:

Our moderation team brings a fresh perspective to every discussion. Skilled in facilitating engaging and insightful conversations, they foster an environment where respondents feel comfortable sharing their thoughts openly. We adapt our approach to your research objectives, ensuring that discussions flow naturally, and insights emerge organically.

Unveiling the Unseen:

At HOK Research, we believe that qualitative research is the key to unveiling the unseen. We dive deep into conversations, exploring nuances, uncovering hidden motivations, and providing you with rich insights that drive informed decision-making.

Your Journey Starts Here:

Join us on a qualitative research journey that transcends borders, languages, and expectations. Experience the difference that local expertise and global standards can make in your research endeavours. At HOK Research, we are not just researchers; we are your partners in discovery.

HOK Research: Your Specialized Partner in Healthcare, Pharma, and Biotech Data Collection

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