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HOK Research: Your Premier Partner for Expert Healthcare Research in Europe and Beyond

Our healthcare team specializes in healthcare data collection, focusing on the systematic gathering, precise recording, and meticulous analysis of information across the healthcare spectrum. Our primary mission is to provide valuable data, encompassing patient information, medical treatments, healthcare provider insights, cost assessments, and more.

Engaging Healthcare Professionals and Beyond

At HOK Research GmbH, we are engaging with a diverse range of healthcare audiences. From Healthcare Professionals such as Specialists, GPs, Nurses, and Patients to challenging-to-reach stakeholders like Healthcare Policy Makers, Payers/Payors, C-suites, KOLs, Governing Bodies, Hospital Boards, Opinion Formers, Academics, and Media, we're your trusted partner.

Global Reach with Local Expertise

Operating on a global scale, our expert recruiters and interviewers conduct interviews in native languages from our offices in Berlin, and in collaboration with Kudos from London. Our in-house panel, sampling, and database department excel at sourcing lists and conducting niche healthcare audience research, utilizing various channels, from CCGs, Health Trusts, and hospital websites to private clinics, practices, and industry events.

The Skill of Our Interviewers, recruiters, and moderators

We firmly believe that the quality of data collected hinges on the skill of our team. All our interviewers, recruiters, and moderators are exceptionally well-educated and articulate individuals, capable of conducting credible peer-to-peer conversations with even the most challenging healthcare audiences. They leverage their maturity, experience, and finesse to navigate switchboards, explore departmental structures, and employ platforms like LinkedIn for precise audience targeting.

Global Reach, Local Insights

Our research spans the globe, with native language speakers infusing local market knowledge into our fieldwork. Our clients consistently commend the quality of data and the depth of verbatim insights, while participants appreciate their positive experiences during the interview process.

HOK Research GmbH: Your Resourceful, Responsive, and Reliable Partner in Healthcare Research – We Deliver Excellence!

HOK Research: Your Specialized Partner in Healthcare, Pharma, and Biotech Data Collection

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